Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Supplements ingested orally can take weeks, even months, to have an impact on your health – and much of the dose is lost when it is converted in the gut. However, intramuscular vitamin injections have a much more immediate impact – some patients report feeling the effects right away. And because the vitamins are administered directly into the muscle, bypassing the gut, a much higher percentage of the vitamins can be utilised by the body. Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D and Vitamin C are available. 

Vitamin B Complex 

The Vitamin B Complex injection is used by lots of people seeking the following, amongst other things...
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • The ultimate fat burning complex
  • To speed up metabolism
  • To boost energy
  • Prevent muscle aches
  • Regulation of the appetite.
Each Vitamin B Complex shot contains all of the following:
B1 (thiamine)B2 (riboflavin)B3 (niacin)B4 (choline)
MetabolismEnergy metabolism & thyroid functionHealthy carbohydrate metabolismAids weight loss
Nerve FunctionAids weight loss by preventing unused energy turning to fatConvers food to energyPrevents weight gain
Muscle & heart functionAssists converting food to energyMaintains normal thyroidStops excessive fats getting trapped in the liver
Supports the gut
Prevents obesity
B5 (pantothenic acid)B6 (pyridoxine)B7 (biotin)B12 (cobalamin)
Helps weight lossMetabolism supportImproves blood sugarStregthens liver
Energy productionRegulated the thyroidSupports healthy hairStrengthens the brain
Controls fat metabolismHelps the pancreas to aid digestion to feel less hungrySupports healthy nailsTrengtens the nervous system
Aids in digestion and helps break down fatsFat metaboliser
Converts energy from food
For best results you need 1 per week for 4 weeks, and then 1 per month. £35 per jab.

Vitamin D 

As the main source of Vitamin D is from sunlight synthesising on your skin, our bodies don’t make enough for our needs here in the West. In fact, it is thought that a large proportion of the UK population is deficient in Vitamin D. The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) advises that everyone in the UK should supplement daily with 10 micrograms of vitamin D between October and March, with some encouraged to supplement throughout the whole year. However, as explained above, these oral supplements have to navigate the digestive system resulting in little benefit, if any at all.  Vitamin D injections offer a better alternative and can give an immediate boost for your health, and could be suitable if you are feeling run down, have a chronic health condition, gut problems, or simply aren’t getting enough vitamin D because of the time of year, your lifestyle and/or diet. So, if you suffer from any of the following a 3 monthly jab can help.
SAD (seasonal affective disorder)Pale skin and dark circlesLow immunity
Low moodWeak bones and teethFrequent coughs and colds
FatigueInflammationChest infections
For best results have one injection every 3 months. £42 per shot.  

Vitamin C 

As with the other Intramuscular injections these Vitamin C injections are delivered straight into the muscle bypassing the gut meaning the Vitamin boost is readily available for your body to use.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant protecting your cells and strengthening your body’s natural defence. The process of aging is oxidation. If you think of a nice shiny piece of metal left outside to become rusty this is oxidation. We need to fight this (aging) by eating as many ANTI-oxidants as possible.

Years ago before fierce farming practices were introduced with chemicals used on produce, the crops were grown with natural antioxidants to protect them from harm from the climate or insects. Since the spraying has been introduced it diminishes the antioxidant properties of the produce so we are not getting the levels we used to. Also, the crop is picked and stored in giant cold containers for what can be months at a time with the nutritional and antioxidant content diminishing every single day.

The body cannot store Vitamin C and as its water soluble, meaning its hard to keep vital stores topped up. Plus in these days of pollution, processed food, stress and alcohol we are not getting or storing the level of antioxidants we used to. So, in addition to helping with healing and a boost to the immune system, this vitamin fights ageing and increases collagen reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also brightens the skin and fights pigmentation. I therefore consider it the beauty vitamin!

Lots of cosmetic companies are promoting skin care with Vitamin C that sits on the surface and is not clinically proven, whereas a quick monthly shot of this straight into the muscle will see benefits that supplements and skincare cannot rival.

For best results have one injection every month. £35 per shot.  

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Apart from full training and qualifications to administer the injections correctly, Petra has Advanced  Nutrition Diploma qualifications and years of experience in the diet and nutrition industry to support your understanding and help you make nutrition decisions which are best for you.  She uses only the highest quality, reliably sourced product, and says "The importance of B vitamins cannot be underestimated. Should your levels even be a fraction depleted you will not be functioning or resting at your best. As a fully qualified Nutritionist I am trained in the specifics of ALL vitamins and minerals but as part of my training I chose to study B Complex in-depth and wrote a paper on their importance in our wellbeing."