Spintensity is an short, sharp  & intense continuous session delivering great results in just 30 mins.

The Benefits

  • For busy people wanting max results in min time
  • High Calorie burn during and after the exercise
  • Mega cardiovascular and respiratory gains with no impact
  • Build mental strength
  • Achieve toned shapely legs and a fab butt!

The Bikes

Every bike is personalised each time you come. We are the ONLY fitness facility in Horsham using these top-of-the-range motivational “Coach By Colour” bikes. Input your personal stats into the bike using the digital screen, and then the bike operates for YOU at YOUR level with 5 coloured training zones – white, blue, green, yellow and red.  For the fittest the workout feels toughest!  This means that the workouts are suitable for ALL levels of fitness. Perfect for maintaining cardio fitness if injured.

The Studio

The purpose built studio has 8 bikes available, air con and a big fan! At the start of the class we lower the sound proof blinds and the disco lights go on! 

The Music

We have some fun with the music – ranging from the latest hits to 70’s!  All motivational tunes which help you get through!

The Rest

  • Cost is Β£8.40 per session
  • Thursday evening, 7pm
  • Convenient on-line booking system
  • Book one or any number of sessions ahead to secure your bike
  • No membership or parking fees

Book now or for further details on any of the classes see the Timetable of Workouts or contact Petra on 07989 304529

And to wind down after…

Why not treat yourself to a well deserved relaxing or tired legs massage following your hard work in our on-site treatment room.