Body Blitz and Body Sculpt via Zoom

Delivered via Zoom straight into your home or garden anywhere in the World – or with Petra in the Studio in Horsham!  Transform your shape as your metabolism and strength increases with these regular, 40 minute, body-transforming classes.

On Tuesday the later Body Sculpt focuses on strength, toning flexibility and stretch. On Thursday Body Blitz incorporates a cardio section with strength and toning exercises. Together, they tick all the boxes!   

The Benefits

  • Varied intensity exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles and rev up your metabolism, igniting those fat burning stations.
  • Achieve toned arms and legs, and a flat stomach!
  • Improve your balance and stability and help combat back problems.
  • Designed for all levels of fitness and all ages. 
  • Finish knowing that you have given your body an all-over workout!

The Classes

Delivered via Zoom, Thursday Body Blitz is a full body workout. We incorporate all-over muscle strengthening and toning exercises as well as cardio blasts to rev up your metabolism.

 On Tuesday Body Sculpt concentrates on strength, toning and flexibility to keep you strong, supple and injury-free. 

We use body-weight exercises as well as basic equipment you might have available at home – hand weights, or exercise bands. The exercises can be performed at different levels, so everyone can join in regardless of age or fitness.

For the ultimate, all-over workout on Tuesday evenings, come to Spin 30 first in the studio at 7:15pm, and then stay on to join the Body Sculpt Strength, Tone & Flex class. Tick the box – everything covered!   

The Rest

  • Classes via Zoom in your home or garden anywhere in the World, or in the studio – it’s up to you! 
  • Classes on Tuesday (Body Sculpt, 7:50pm) and Thursday (Body Blitz, 7:15pm) are 40 minutes.
  • Convenient on-line booking system
  • Book one class or book a number of sessions ahead
  • No membership or parking fees
  • Book now or for further details of any of the classes see the timetable of classes or contact Petra on 07989 304529 for more information.