Fitness Class Booking

Weekly Fitness Class Timetable*

Coronavirus Update: While all classes at the studio are suspended, you can join my live Zoom sessions!  Join me from your home or garden, in a full body blitz workout!  I run four sessions a week, and you can join as many as you like.  Cost is £10 per week for the whole household so get your partner / kids involved! Contact me asap for details.

We are making preparations now to open the studio as soon as government guidance allows – from early July we hope. Strict procedures will be in place to keep everyone safe. At least two Zoom Body Blitz sessions will continue in the future – see the timetable below and book online for July onwards.

* Mon, Wed and Fri, the studio can be “Your Studio” for an hour. Book below.

* Fitness & Nutrition Days held throughout the year – contact Petra for info.

8:15amSpin 45
9:15amYour Studio
Spin 45Your Studio
Your Studio
Spin 45
6:15pmSpin 45Spin 45Fitness &
Nutrition Days

details below
7:15pmSpin 30Edurance Spin 80
monthly 7:00pm
Body Blitz Zoom
Strength, Tone & Cardio
7:50pmBody Blitz Zoom
Strength, Tone & Flex

Book Online Below:

If a class is currently full you can join a “Wait List”. If a place becomes available you will receive an email alerting you, at which point you can book onto the class and pay. 
Please note the strict cancellation policy which applies to all bookings.