Spin Classes

Read on and book the most beneficial workouts you will ever do.

spin classes

We offer a choice of spin classes:

  • Spin only– 45 minute spin class with warm up, cool down & stretch
  • Spin and Core – 25 mins cardio spin session followed by 20 mins floor core workout and stretch
  • Spin and Kettlebells (20/20) – 20 mins cardio spin then 20 mins all-over kettlebells session and stretch
  • Outdoor Training – varied cardio and strengthening exercises, sometimes incorporating some spinning
  • Endurance Sessions – 80 minute non-stop spin for the ultimate calorie burn and stamina build

Benefits include

  • Mega cardiovascular and respiratory gains with no impact.
  • High Calorie burn
  • Achieving toned shapely legs and a fab butt!
  • You will lower your body’s workout breaking point
  • Reduce your physical age
  • Get a great abdominal workout
  • Build mental strength
  • Have fun in a social environment.

coach-by-color-spinAll this plus

  • Convenient on-line booking system
  • No membership or parking fees

The ONLY fitness facility in Horsham with these top-of-the-range motivational Coach By Colour bikes

The classes are suitable for all levels of fitness as they operate using your own personal stats. This is perfect for maintaining cardio fitness if injured.

Whilst doing the spin you will enjoy varied music from 70’s to current tunes.

Book now or for further details on any of the classes see the timetable of classes or contact Petra on 07989 304529


And to wind down after…

Why not treat yourself to a well deserved relaxing or tired legs massage following your hard work in our on-site treatment room.