Fitness Options

Do you want any of the following?

– To drop a dress / waist size – To improve your shape
– Have more energy – Feel more confident
– A firmer toned body – Sleep much better
– Get fitter and feel healthier – To enjoy yourself and feel great

All this can be achieved without dieting…

We offer a range of options to assist you with your fitness, including various spin classes, plus other group or individual sessions. If you want to improve your fitness, shape and general well-being, then there is something for you.

See the Weekly Fitness Class Timetable for regular class times

Spin Classes

spin classes

Spin offers mega cardiovascular and respiratory gains with no impact and high calorie burn in a fun and social environment.

We have a range of classes for all ages:

  • Spin only
  • Spin and Core
  • Endurance

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Other Exercise Classes

Motivational exercise classes for all levels of fitness and all ages. Whether you are 18 or 80 years old, by doing varied intensity exercises that strengthen and tone your muscles you will be revving up your metabolism and igniting those fat burning stations, transforming your shape as your metabolism increases. Class options include

  • Outdoor Training
  • Boxfit
  • Body Blitz
  • R’n’R Restore & Relax

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Your Studio

Use the studio for an hour yourself, with access to the bikes and all the other equipment.  Perfect for an extra boost.

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1-2-1 Training Sessions

A personal training session is generally 1 hour, but this is flexible by arrangement. Your personal training session is for you and you alone, helping you reach your goals. You will receive my undivided attention throughout the session.

The first session usually consists of some fitness measuring but this can be discussed at the initial consultation. Then the fun begins and we start working with the progressive programme I have designed specifically for you. We will review the programme at regular intervals so that we are happy it is steering you towards your goals.

Running Buddies

Tired of running alone? Need inspiration during your runs to help push yourself that little bit further? Our running buddies programmes are ideally suited for all levels of runners.

If you are looking to run your first 5k, 10k, half or even full marathon, or just need a little help in getting started, you can be assured that one of our team will be with you every step of the way.

Not only does having a running buddy help you push towards goals and distances, but it also ensures that there is someone who is motivating you along the way.

Nutrition Advice

When looking to lose weight or training, the slightest change to your diet can make a big difference to your performance. If you want to be at the top of your game it is vital your body has the correct nutrition. Small dietary changes and advice can help you lose weight, give you more energy and reduce the risk of illnesses.

We will give you advice on how to help keep your body in peak condition and ensure you’re in top form.

If required regular food diaries will be available to monitor your diet