Semi-permanent make-up

semi-permanent-makeupFor perfectly balanced and shaped eyebrows, for a lipstick that stays put and for non-smudge eyeliner semi permanent makeup is every woman’s answer. Coloured pigments are implanted into the skin to replicate makeup that last 24/7, creating beautiful and fresh makeup looks that last all day every day.

  • Do you find makeup fiddly, time consuming and uneven?!
  • Do you wish you could just wake up with your make-up on perfectly and applied with precision?
  • Do you long for those perfect features, full, more shapely lips, beautiful eyes and perfectly defined brows?
  • Do you dream about makeup that will stay put – whatever the weather or activity?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these then permanent makeup is for you. Call Petra on 07989 304529 to find out more.

Our advanced permanent make-up techniques will give you a look which is natural, professional and effective, whilst defining your facial features. We apply subtle make-up which suits any occasion,complements your skin tone, eye and hair colour and always looks fresh.

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My permanent makeup prices are as follows:

Eyebrows £325 All prices include 2 visits
top only £295
top and bottom £375
top up £175
Eyelash enhancement £295
Lip Liner
Lip Blush (gloss & go)