Other Exercise Classes

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Our motivational exercise classes are for all levels of fitness and all ages. Whether you are 18 or 80 years old, by doing varied intensity exercises that strengthen and tone your muscles you will be revving up your metabolism and igniting those fat burning stations, transforming your shape as your metabolism increases.

Outdoor Training Class

After an initial warm-up, the Outdoor Training Class on Wednesday mornings mixes up a wide  variety of short cardio bursts with all-over muscle strengthening and toning exercises.  We use body-weight exercises as well as various equipment like bands, weighted balls, dumb bells and exercise noodles. Whenever possible this class takes place in the open air, but we have an option to stay in the studio if the weather is too poor. 



A weekly, 40 minute class with a 20 minute intense kettlebells workout followed by 20 minutes “core boxing” on the floor.  Kettlebells exercise is well known to be a great way to get a whole body workout in a relatively short period of time, combining cardio and all-over muscle strength. Core boxing is designed to target your central trunk and pelvic area, working on the strength of that large muscle group which provide stability and flexibility to the body, also helping to prevent injury and often easing back pain.  We add the boxing element into the core workout which continues to work on your arm strength and cardiovascular fitness. Multi-tasking at its best!


By popular demand our new boxfit class works to…

    • Enhance cardiovascular health
    • Improve total-body strength
    • Better hand-eye coordination
      • Stress bust


    • Improve body composition

This is a 40 minute, fast-paced, upright gloves and pads workout session. Mainly working in pairs this high-intensity cardio workout also targets legs and upper body strength, while of course engaging our core! All ages and any level of fitness as each person works at their own pace. A real endorphin burst!

R’n’R Restore & Relax

This session, designed to reset your body and mind, will compliment any high intensity activity  you already do. It focuses on gently restoring and developing flexibility & balance with a series of easy flowing exercise, deep stretches & relaxing poses. Developing core strength through balance and flexibility will help with posture & any painful niggles, plus a relaxing segment at the end of the class will help declutter your mind. The class is limited to 6, with the session running on alternate Thursdays. If you are a Thursday spinner then what a perfect way to finish off your evening & compliment the cardio/calorie burn session!

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